Ensure Your Septic System Is in the Best Shape Possible

Choose us for your septic system services in Afton & Bainbridge, NY

The septic system is one of the important parts of any home. When yours is in trouble, let Charlie's Plumbing and Home Repair know. We offer sump pump repair services in Afton & Bainbridge, NY. Our pro will use a camera to inspect your pipes and look for any potential issues. From there, we'll provide the necessary septic system services to ensure your system runs optimally.

What types of septic work can we provide?

Septic work involves more than just providing sump pump repair services. Luckily for you, we understand just that. Our expert can:

  • Inspect septic pipes
  • Repair sump pumps
  • Locate septic systems
  • Fix backup and drain issues
  • Conduct water tests and provide treatments

The only thing we can't do is install new septic systems. Call us today to schedule septic system services.